Guard our dignity

I still remember one of the point I got when I was attending my pre-marriage course last year. There was a ceramah about live as family by Ustazah Yamimah. She shared based on her experience in NGO, whenever there is a function involving a lot of people especially our youngster, like Jom Heboh, New Year, Merdeka etc, about 9 months later, in Govenment hospital there will be a lot of newborn baby without father….those are true cases, and logically those are. Then, to whom should we put the blame?

Yesterday, 20 Zulhijjah I was 27 years old, calculated using Hijri years. Based on Gregorian year my age now is just 26 years 2 months.. which is about 10 months different. The easy formula: 30 years of Gregorian equal to 31 years in Hijri.

I believe that It is better to use Hijri years as our age indicator. At least we won’t be complacent with ‘how young we are’, we should think about how many years left for us instead..  may be fifty years, ten, one, one month, one day..who knows, only Allah knows.

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