Aktiviti Anak-anak Sidik

Umar @ Klang

Yesterday at 8 a.m we departed from home, arrived at NZ Nasi Kandar, Wangsa Maju at 1130 am. Wan Mat, Ash & Zai were waiting there, it was long time since the last time we met them. Then we went trough MRR2 and KESAS Highway till exit at Kg Jawa. Arrived Has’ home at 12.30. The ‘Pengantins’ already finish their MakanĀ².

Before going home, we dropped by kang Ram’s house at seksyen 11 but he wasn’t at home, only kak Ain and her children. After four years in Leeds. their children are able to speak in english like omputih , and I can only speak java-ish language after learning english from standard one, and PHP a bit, hahaha, dry joke… tak paham takpe la.

Afterwards we went to Kang Il’s house at seksyen 24. Reached home at 11 pm, I can’t imagine how could I drove in that semi-conscious condition, syukur alhamdulillah..selamat.Allah is always protecting His servant.


My nephew and niece, aizat & atiqah were here in Kuantan for four days,. A week back, on Monday, we (without umar) went to Low Yat to find replacement for my dead nostalgic AMD Athlon XP machine, before that we took that bebudak first at Pudu Raya. Sori la Tiqa & Aizat, I didn’t have much time to bring both of you jalanĀ², only to pantai balok and eating ikan bakar at Tanjung lumpur.

Driving in Kuala Lumpur at 1pm was a bit nightmare. It was like “a deer entering a village”. What sort of congested traffic in KL, I wish I won’t be posted there.

New machine AMD Turion64 X2cousinsTeh tarik satu!


Away day at Bukit Tinggi

9 – 11 November 2007 we were at Bukit Tinggi, A lot of fun activity up there, on the first night it was first time for both of us to play bowling, but I managed to get 119 points in my first try :).

Second day in the morning, we had telematch. In the afernoon, Explorace, After maghrib & isya Tazkirah on integrity, sharing session and BBQ dinner on the night

On the last day, we were having war!!.. paintball je, the game format was “capture the flag”. No bullet managed to get me. First time I play at Cherating was “capture the base” which was more challenging.