Away from office for one week

Last week, we received emergency call from kampung, Bapak was admitted to Hospital due to low sugar in the body, Alhamdulillah, he was recovered, we stayed at Kakak’s home at Banting, all of my sibling was there including Kang Ajib from Sabah. umar at kampung banting -by kamilzAiman & umar On sunday, we went to PERMATA, a few ‘check point’ on the way. Firstly we went to Ina & G-Mex home at Pantai Dalam to see their three month Danish, Ana & her husband was there too with their Haikal, we have lunch together. After that we went to Kamil’s home at Taman Ixora, Sepang, utilising KL-Putrajaya highway which was toll free until yesterday, we have dinner there. We arrived at PERMATA at 9.45 pm. sidik’s & amarullah’s family - picture by amar’s cpicture by AmarPlay together On Monday evening we went to Amarullah’s & Tg Baiti home at Bangi, we have our dinner there. Their Arina is now one year and two month. on Wednesday evening we arrived at Kuantan.

Anak-anak Sidik Ingatan

Mind your children while you are driving

This photo was taken while I was not driving, Waiting for Ibu while his abah is driving, Umar is on his seat. arghhh…

Isu Semasa

Bila Guru Kencing Berdiri


No wonder, to curb AIDS they were providing free condom and free needle to drug addicts..sick mentality by ex-Minister of Health. This one already admit (no credit should be given anyway), how about those who are still undercover. Who are them? I don’t know.. hereafter we will know..

Maybe someone will say that “this is what we call work professionally”

After this I’m sure that CCTV detector will be sold like fried banana, anybody can suggest where to buy the cheap one.