Anak-anak Sidik

Umar 1 year.

Alhamdulillah, on Thursday 20 March 2008 (12 Rabi’ul Awal 1419), our beloved son was 1 year. His 1 year birthday in Hijri was on 1 Rabi’ul Awwal 1419. On that day, he started to make a few step.. Semoga Allah meredhai kami semua..ameen
Umar with his Aki yeyewhy do people look at me?
We returned to Perak on the day after, crossing new Selangor and new Perak. Umar was on his seat till Kuala Selangor, afterward his Ibu had to keep telling him..Umar duduk diam, jangan kacau abah drive. Mak & Bapak is well alhamdulillah.

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Mari Memasak Bersama Maggi

Yesterday, our company organised family day at Stadium Tertutup Sukpa, Indera Mahkota.We were importing all pasar malam businessman with their stalls for the whole morning. My wife and I did participate in cooking competition and managed to ‘win’ second last prize with nasi goreng maggi umar..alhamdulillah Umar ngencesMaggi Commercial Waiting for some shocking news.. WHAT is that news?

Ingatan Isu Semasa

When rakyat make decision, with Allah’s will

I’m impressed!!..Allahu Akbar!!!


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Ingatan Isu Semasa


People can do anything to get Power, they can lie, cheat, abusing public money, crafting the results, employing phantom voters. Yes, they might get what they want..only with Allah’s will

But we must realise that the ultimate power is belong to Allah. He can give power to anyone He want and He can take back the power from anyone He want.

Make your decision..

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Cuti Cuti Singapore

On Monday & Tuesday, I was attending a conference in Singapore. reached changi airport at 1.30 p.m on Sunday, straight to MRT station to Chinatown, the system is similar to our LRT except for that MRT requires deposit of SGD1 for ticket. Reached Holiday Villa Atrium on 2.40p.m. lift @ holiday in atriumKampung Glam Restaurant In the evening I was searching edible (halal) at Kampong Glam, alhamdulillah got mee rebus there at a restaurant run by Indonesians located at Baghdad Street. After solat Maghrib & Isya at Masjid Sultan I went window shopping at Mustafa Centre before lost in china town, I should improve my skill of reading the map anyway. Walking about 4 KM before I reached my room slightly before midnight, this is what I have to pay in avoiding taxi fare, hehe. One thing I observed is that the driver there was successfully disciplined by the rules, which I cannot see in Malaysia. Maybe that’s why Singapore driver always lepas geram at Malaysian Road. The conference was organised Grand Copthorne hotel, just in front of holiday inn. First day after the conference in the evening, Using the hotel free shuttle bus, I went jalan-jalan at Orchard Road, its like Jalan Bukit Bintang @KL except for that the security level is better. Afterwards, I went to another restaurant at Kampung Glam, this time I ordered Nasi Goreng Kampung and telur mata. Reached my room at 11pm. Nasi Goreng Kampung & Telur MateMRT orchard The topic presented in second day of the conference was more interesting than the day one. In the afternoon after the conference end I took a taxi to changi airport. Singapore Govt was actively searching for Mas Selamat during that time, and I could sense the feeling of suspicion in the face of the custom staff when they are looking at me. My original flight was 6.55 pm but I take earlier flight at 5.25 pm.Arrived at KLIA around 6.40 and had to wait until 9.55pm. I was filling my stomach with double priced KFC while waiting. met Azmi, my next door neighbour, he was arrived from sarawak. Reached pekan at 11.40 pm. Double Price KFC @ KLIA umar merajuk ditinggalkan 2 hari