Ingatan Isu Semasa

Watching Teevee – Tak Nak !

Watching tv now is “as good as” attending ex-ruling party’s political campaign talk..they even have their “undilah untuk negara” commercial.. huh

This election is like two persons in a boxing tournament, one person is given iron glove complete with safety helmet, while his opponent’s hands are tied and his mouth is tightly closed.

Now even yahoo messenger have their paid campaign, wondering where did the money for those highly cost advertisement sourced from. Looking at the way how all government agencies are misused, I may stop wondering.

Ingatan Isu Semasa

Election is coming

Vote for people who will bring back Islam to its true place, Vote for people who do care about justice, Vote for people who never misuse public money, Vote for people who do not made silly decision..always, vote for people who are not just appear when there are press come to a place, vote for people who walk the talk, Vote for people who are not promoting unlimited entertainment,Vote for people who do not use government machinery for campaign, Vote for people who are offering caring goverment, Vote for people who are not sleep..and sleep..and sleep..

Open your eyes, your ear, your mind, and seriously think that hereafter you will be asked about who you choose to be your leader..

Election 2008, time for change


Risk of using established script

This week, two times this blog was hacked, I suspected that the hacker was injected the SQL query thru Wordspew plugin. Until the developer could patch the script, I would like to play safe, to disable the shoutbox.

This risk was expected when I decided to use some sort of established PHP application. But, to increase the security layer to achieve millitary level, I don’t think this blog deserves it..heheh

Sometimes, it is interesting to see those n00bs feel excited about doing minor hacking activity, till the day will come when they become bored.

Election is coming next month (mari main teka teki), Expect fuel price will have ‘slight’ increase afterwards, then let buy car with small CC, for KL Citizen better use bicycle & public transport.

One more, if any viewer spot any grammatical error in this blog, feel free to comment and give correct one, I got C6 in English paper SPM 98 ( still cannot believe that no one got A1 in SPM English paper in SMAPK that year, the paper must be checked by very very strict Teachers)..

Isu Semasa

What happened when CNY came

Bank Negara Malaysia was “overdosed” with cheque clearing on tuesday, causing our banking system to delay significantly. It does never happen when Hari Raya or other vacation was coming, what indication did this situation give?