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Guard our dignity

I still remember one of the point I got when I was attending my pre-marriage course last year. There was a ceramah about live as family by Ustazah Yamimah. She shared based on her experience in NGO, whenever there is a function involving a lot of people especially our youngster, like Jom Heboh, New Year, Merdeka etc, about 9 months later, in Govenment hospital there will be a lot of newborn baby without father….those are true cases, and logically those are. Then, to whom should we put the blame?

Yesterday, 20 Zulhijjah I was 27 years old, calculated using Hijri years. Based on Gregorian year my age now is just 26 years 2 months.. which is about 10 months different. The easy formula: 30 years of Gregorian equal to 31 years in Hijri.

I believe that It is better to use Hijri years as our age indicator. At least we won’t be complacent with ‘how young we are’, we should think about how many years left for us instead..  may be fifty years, ten, one, one month, one day..who knows, only Allah knows.



OTW to perakUmar at manilaJeti Perahu Temai Huluumar feeling strange, usually we are going to Aki’


Hajj & Sacrifice

This year we are celebrating Eidul Adha on the road. My mother-in-law home at Pekan still flooded, now one week already, Tomorrow morning after solat Eidul Adha, we will return to Sg. Manila insyaAllah..

For all Muslimin, Salam Eidul Adha..

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One tooth, more teeth to come

Hadith 06 in Imam Nawawi’s Forty Hadith book

hadith 06

On the authority of Abu ‘Abdullah al-Nu’man bin Bashir, radiyallahu ‘anhu, who said: I heard the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam, say:

“Truly, what is lawful is evident, and what is unlawful is evident, and in between the two are matters which are doubtful which many people do not know. He who guards against doubtful things keeps his religion and honour blameless, and he who indulges in doubtful things indulges in fact in unlawful things, just as a shepherd who pastures his flock round a preserve will soon pasture them in it. Beware, every king has a preserve, and the things Allah has declared unlawful are His preserves. Beware, in the body there is a flesh; if it is sound, the whole body is sound, and if it is corrupt, the whole body is corrupt, and behold, it is the heart.” – Al Bukhari & Muslim –

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Dear my son Umar, with your mouth, your tounge, this tooth, and more teeth to come, eat only halal food, and avoid haram and doubtful (syubhah) one. InsyaAllah, abah will only bring halal food to our home.

Umar first tooth

Ingatan Isu Semasa

Series of mild earthquake hit Bukit Tinggi

During last three weeks, we heard about series of mild earthquake at Bukit Tinggi. This made me thinking, how if the big one come? we just been there at colmar a month ago.

When we were at school, we’d been told in our Geography class that Malaysia is free of volcano and earthquake. Lesson learnt, when Allah wants something to happen, it will happen. Don’t any scientist dare to give any statement confirming that earthquake will never happen in Malaysia, who are they to confirm? nobody have locus standi to make such statement. I just feel irritated by the statement of a guy regarding this occurrence at Buletin Utama yesterday..

We just pray that those thing will never happen..ameen.

Isu Semasa

Pekan – Worst Flood in More than 10 years

Yesterday afternoon, my father-in-law’s home in Kampung Temai Hulu, Pekan already flooded with Sungai Pahang’s water. It was unexpected that the flood level reaches this new high, even the main road in front of Simpang Temai Hulu now becomes a river.

According to ol folks, this situation is similar to the big flood of 1971, 36 years back.

My wife family’s already moves to Arwah Tok’s house nearby, with no electricity and water supply. May Allah protect our family. Anyway, there must be hikmah in whatever condition. Allah is always giving His Rahmah through rain all this while, with water we eat and drink, even 60% of our body is water. Then when rain bring flood, who are we to complain? Are we ungrateful servant?

According to the orang kampungs who have evacuated to SK Temai, which is also flooded, no aid was given till now, where is our leader? tokey balak, Bapak Menteri, any comment? Wallahua’alam..

SMK Paloh Hinai Flooded

This SMK Paloh Hinai picture was downloaded from Berita Harian, copyright BH.

Anak-anak Sidik

Budak ni dah pandai sepah² rumah

For a small kid like umar, whatever he do is playtime..